Leytonstone Osteopathy is now open for face-to-face appointments

Leytonstone Osteopathy is now open for face-to-face appointments. We are delighted to announce that both the main Leytonstone Osteopathy clinic and Kirstie’s Liverpool Street clinic are able to re-open for in person appointments again. If you would like to book an appointment please call reception on  0208 281 003. Alternatively, email luke@leytonstoneosteopathy.co.uk or kirstie@leytonstoneosteopathy.co.uk directly. […]

Appointments during COVID-19 pandemic

Introducing Telehealth video consultations A Telehealth video consultation with one of our highly experienced osteopaths covers the following: A thorough case history we will ask you detailed questions about your symptoms, their history and how they respond to different activities in your day. Visual assessment via movement, strength testing and special orthopaedic tests – your […]